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Is anyone listening? A Health Impact Assessment of the Western Sydney Airport Community Engagement Process


The Western Sydney Airport (WSA) is a proposed second airport to be located about 50km west of the Sydney central business district. In addition to relieving congestion for the Kingsford Smith Airport, it will serve as a focal point of urban growth for south western metropolitan Sydney.

Community engagement is an important process for providing and responding to community input into large-scale developments such as the WSA. To date there has been limited engagement with various communities and relevant stakeholders, such as affected local governments. Bringing a health lens to any community engagement strategies may help to improve health and wellbeing of communities. For this reason, it was decided to undertake a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of community engagement for the WSA.

The HIA began in June, 2015 and was completed in February, 2017. It was conducted through a partnership between CHETRE and Western Sydney Community Forum. It was supported by South Western Sydney Local Health District. Evidence was collected through literature reviews, community profiling and community workshops that provided qualitative evidence on the impacts of existing engagement strategies, and recommendations to improve engagement processes in the future.

The HIA found that community engagement practices have been very limited and considered insufficient by most affected community members. Current engagement practices are impacting on important determinants of wellbeing, such as: access to information, feeling of control, participation, and risk perception.

It will be important for developers to consider their approach to community engagement as development of the airport and surrounding urban growth area will continue over the next 50 years. The HIA provides recommendations to improve community engagement practices that may be relevant to other airport and large urban development projects.

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Greater Granville Regeneration Strategy Health Impact Assessment

Sydney West Area Health Service, NSW Depart of Housing & Parramatta City Council

Urban regeneration is a complex, multifaceted process which has the potential to transform  Granville, a relatively disadvantaged suburb located close to the centre of Sydney in the local  government area of Parramatta. For the community of Granville it raises concerns of increased  densification, and creates expectations of improvements for this historic suburb.

Parramatta City Council and NSW Department of Housing have formed a formal partnership to  facilitate a collaborative approach to urban renewal. The regeneration of Granville was a project  initiated under this partnership agreement. Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS) became  involved for the purpose of conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) on the urban  regeneration strategy and to participate in a whole of government and whole of community  context.

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Non Emergency Health Related Transport Policy Screening Report

NSW Department fo Health

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