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Rapid Equity Focused HIA of the Australian Better Health Initiative: Assessing the NSW components of priorities 1 and 3

Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation (CHETRE)

The Australian Better Health Initiative (ABHI) Implementation Plan has been developed as part of  a Council of Australian Governments Reform Package aimed at achieving better health for all  Australians. In NSW Approximately $20 million of new money has been allocated from Treasury  for Priority Areas 1 & 3 of The ABHI Implementation Plan: Promoting healthy lifestyles and  supporting lifestyle and risk modification.  As part of the development of the ABHI Implementation Plan for NSW, NSW Health asked the  UNSW Research Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity to conduct a Rapid Equity Focussed  Health Impact Assessment (EFHIA) to:

  • make practical recommendations in order to improve the equity of proposed strategies; and
  • ensure that the strategies do not unintentionally widen the equity gap.

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