HIA Reports

Greater Western Sydney Urban Development Health Impact Assessment

Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Ltd

This HIA examines potential effects on population health and wellbeing of planned population growth and urban development in Greater Western Sydney (GWS) over the next twenty five years. During this time the population of Sydney is expected to increase by 1.1 million people, 600,000 of whom are anticipated to settle in GWS. This population increase will be accompanied by large scale development of housing, transport, employment and  social infrastructure; all changes that can potentially affect the health and wellbeing of new  residents and people living across the region.

How this growth is to be managed, in terms of where people live, the transport and other infrastructure that is provided, along with a range of other issues, has a major bearing on the  level and type of health impact. Accordingly, this project specifically analyses the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy (2005). Past patterns of growth for Sydney are also reviewed as are other recent comparable metropolitan plans, in order to provide differing perspectives on the  planning process and what are reasonable goals and targets to set.

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