HIA Reports

Health Impact Assessment of the Redevelopment of Liverpool Hospital

Sydney South West Area Health Service

A Steering Committee was established in July 2006 to conduct a prospective HIA on the Redevelopment of  Liverpool Hospital. The focus of this project was on the construction phase of the redevelopment and the  scope covered four issues – reduced parking for staff, patients and visitors; health and wellbeing of staff and  the community; community and patient safety (non-traffic related); and increased traffic in the area (general  and construction traffic). Recommendations were developed for the Executive User Group (EUG) and these are currently being monitored by the EUG.

In August 2007, the Executive User Group (EUG) for the Liverpool Hospital Redevelopment endorsed the conduct of a second Health Impact Assessment (HIA) for the redevelopment. The scope for the HIA was defined as being environmental effects; health promoting effects and effects on patient recovery and staff wellbeing. The current status of the redevelopment in August 2008 determined that we should focus on developing recommendations for the detailed design and commissioning phases of the project. An EFHIA was chosen for this project because it was thought that the most value that could be added at these stages of the design process would be to focus on a consideration of equity issues related to the redevelopment. This consideration is most relevant to the Liverpool Hospital Redevelopment

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