HIA Reports

Health Impact Assessment of Lithgow City Council’s Strategic Plan

Sydney West Area Health Service and Lithgow City Council

This report explains the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) process and presents the findings of the HIA  of the Lithgow City Council Strategic Plan, 2007. The primary output of the HIA is a set of evidencebased  recommendations geared to informing the decision-making process. These recommendations  aim to highlight practical ways to enhance the positive impacts or minimise any negative impacts on  health, well being and health inequalities that might arise or exist in response to the Lithgow City  Council Strategic Plan.

The Lithgow City Council Strategic Plan is the first long-term plan to be developed by Lithgow City Council  in collaboration and consultation with the community and government. It introduces a new framework  of strategic planning in the Lithgow local government area, which is driven by the community’s vision  and issues. The Plan incorporates the visions and strategies and feeds these into Council’s  management and operational plans to deliver actions that ultimately achieve the vision for the  community. The objective of the Strategic Plan is to provide the strategic framework for the future  development of the Lithgow Local Government Area and to encourage environmental, economic and  social sustainability (Lithgow City Council Strategic Plan, 2007, Page 4).

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