HIA Reports

Equity Focused Health Impact Assessment of the ACT Health Promotion Board Community Funding Program

Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation (CHETRE) and Healthpact

Healthpact (the ACT Health Promotion Board) have a strong commitment to  evidence based practice and agreed to undertake an EFHIA of the Community  Funding Program (CFP) to:  •

  • assess the potential health inequalities impact of the CFP in the ACT; and  •
  • identify how the equity focus of the program might be strengthened.

An intermediate and retrospective EFHIA of the CFP was undertaken by the Centre  for Health Equity Training Research and Evaluation (CHETRE) in collaboration with  the Healthpact secretariat and a Board member. Information on potential health  inequalities impacts was collected through: a literature review on health promotion  and health inequalities; key informant interviews; a workshop with potential  applicants and consumers; and content analysis of the processes for the 2003/2004  CFP funding round.