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Draft Residential Densities Strategy Mackay: Health Impact Assessment

Carless, F. & Gunning, C. (2011). Draft Residential Densities Strategy Mackay: Health Impact Assessment. Mackay Public Health Unit, Queensland Health: Mackay.

The Mackay Regional Council area is one of the fastest growing in Queensland, with strong growth forecast over the coming decades. Managing the challenges associated with high  population growth is one of the drivers of Council’s Draft Residential Densities Strategy  which outlines its vision for more compact urban areas within the region.

Recognition of the relationship between land use planning and health is not new and  nationally there is much interest in translating this knowledge into practice. A tool which has  emerged to contribute to this practice is Health Impact Assessment (HIA), a process which  engages decision makers to consider health impacts in their planning, policy and program  deliberations.  To identify indirect health impacts that may be associated with the Draft Residential  Densities Strategy, Queensland Health initiated a Health Impact Assessment with assistance  from the Department of Communities, Mackay Regional Council and the Centre for Health  Equity Training Research and Evaluation.  Using a rapid HIA process, including collection of data via literature review and stakeholder  consultation, and development of a population profile, the HIA project team generated a set of recommendations.

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